Our Values

Glorifying God
Our primary reason for existing, both as individuals and a church, is to glorify God by drawing attention to Him in all His greatness. It is our ultimate goal and passion that God would be glorified in our lives and in all the nations. We seek to be intentionally and explicitly God‐centered in all that we do—in our worship, in our teaching, in our homes and personal lives. Our intention is that everything we do would be pleasing, honoring and glorifying to God.

Sound Doctrine
We treasure the Bible as God’s inspired Word and gladly submit to its authority. Because we believe that the Bible is sufficient to direct us in every area of life, Bible study and scriptural application are vital to how we walk out our faith and care for one another.

Encountering the Holy Spirit
Like Christians throughout the ages, we have a great need for the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Spirit counsels us, comforts us and convicts us of sin so that we might grow in faith and better live to please Christ. As we experience His presence we are refreshed and encouraged and our passion for Him grows.

Genuine Relationships
In our increasingly fragmented culture, meaningful relationships are becoming more and more difficult to maintain. God has designed the church, however, to be a lasting answer to this problem – a family of friends who care for one another and overcome the differences that keep people apart. Whether it is building lifelong friendships, reaching out to someone who is not like us or working to resolve conflicts with biblical integrity, genuine relationships are an integral part of the church.

On a Mission
For a church to have the impact that God intends, it must have a mission. Whether through sending and supporting missionaries, or community outreach efforts, we long to see the gospel transform lives in our own neighborhoods, throughout the region, and even to the ends of the earth.